About Our Factory

Our factory is a premium manufacturer of sand-cast, die-cast, lost wax, and pressed brass, aluminum, bronze, iron and pewter home décor, gift, garden, and hardware products. We cater to customers interested in truly unique, high quality and high profit products.

We own and operate manufacturing facilities totaling over 150,000 square feet in China. Production is entirely in-house and we guarantee competitive pricing. We provide fast shipping, consistent quality, and unrivaled flexibility.

We carry a large selection of exclusive off-the-shelf merchandise created by our own in-house artists. New designs are constantly developed for changing market needs. We also produce OEM products to you or your customer’s design. We can manufacture items in any size – from large and true-to-life, to the most diminutive. Our skilled artisans can work with you to create beautiful decorative and functional pieces in a variety of finishes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

With a variety of casting capabilities, including die-cast, sand cast, lost wax, press and sheet metal, we can manufacture to your specifications or work with you to design just the right product. We handle a wide range of metals, from brass, bronze and aluminum, to iron, pewter and zinc. Top off your creations with glass, marble, or wood. We can manufacture the smallest products to those larger than life.

Design Capabilities

Our in-house design team of expert designers and master artisans are constantly creating beautiful and unique products for the global marketplace. We can work with you and your design staff to bring your imagination to life. Or, select from our existing portfolio of over 7,000 creations for just the right product for your market. We can also design extraordinary product packaging and sales collateral to complement your products. From concept art, to final production specifications, we have the talent, resources, and attitude to design to your needs.

We manufacture products for the home and garden. If you can imagine it, we can build it. We’ve developed a wide range of products from home & garden accessories, to hardware and decorative sculptures. Let us know your needs… we’ll get the job done right.


We can apply a variety of finishes to your products. Our color palette ranges from timeless bronze and green Verdigris, to a brilliant color patina. Choose a marbleized finish, or capture the essence of flowing water with our unmatched, often imitated but never duplicated Art Finish. We can even electro-plate your product in shiny chrome, antique pewter, copper, and many other finishes. Need powder coating? No problem. We’ll get your product finished just the way you like it.

Our Customers

When it’s all said and done, you, our customer, always come first. Our satisfied customers span the globe, from Europe and America, to Australia and Asia. Mass merchandisers, big box retailers, catalog retailers, specialty retailers, department stores, theme parks, cruise lines, corporations, museums, importers, and wholesalers all count us among their preferred vendors. We deliver quickly and efficiently. We’re known for our flexibility and efficiency. We’re confident that you’ll love partnering with us because we’re never satisfied unless you’re satisfied.

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