Updated March 31, 2021

Here at SPI®, our customers are very important to us, and we want to provide every possible tool to help you and us have mutual success. To help achieve that goal, we have put a unilateral MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy in place for all products shown in all SPI® catalogs (including but not limited to our Home and Gallery catalogs and Summer supplements).


Advertisements for any SPI® product cannot contain a price less than the published MAP price. A copy of our current price list with MAP and MSRP prices is available at http://reseller.spi-home.com/SPIproductFactsAll.xls or by requesting one via email to [email protected]. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, newspaper and printed advertisements, promotional mailers and faxes, all electronic media including television, radio and internet advertising, and all prices shown at any internet stores you operate (on your site, eBay, Amazon, Houzz, Walmart Marketplace, or elsewhere).

How MAP is Calculated

Our method for calculating MAP is 2.2 times the price shown in our current catalogs, rounded up to the nearest dollar. For example, if an item has a price in our current catalog of $37.00, MAP would be 37 X 2.2, which comes to $81.40, rounded up to $82.00. On occasion, an item may have a MAP cost lower than that generated by this formula. The current spreadsheet is the final word on what the MAP cost is.

You may not go below MAP by even one penny. Period. MAP is firm.

Shipping and MAP

MAP prices do not include shipping. This means that you may NOT list an item below MAP and then list a shipping charge to bring the total including shipping up to MAP. However, you may offer free shipping on any and all of our items. (For example, you cannot list an item with a MAP of $35.00 for $31.01 plus $3.99 shipping, but you can list it for $35.00 with free shipping.)

Price Visibility

Hiding the price for our items on Amazon or elsewhere by requiring shoppers to add them to the shopping cart to see the price is against our MAP rules, even if the prices are at or above MAP. Don’t do it.

Listing our items on eBay or elsewhere with an “Or Best Offer” option for purchase, even if the listed price is at or above MAP, is also against our MAP rules. Don’t do it.

AMAZON Specific Guidelines

Notes for stores and companies that sell our products on Amazon: Due to glitches with Amazon's Vendor Central, our items are listed under five different brand names on Amazon: "SPI", "SPI Home", "SPI Home-San Pacific Int'l", "San Pacific International", and "Anecdotal Aardvark". (The last one is another web retailer; we've been trying without any luck to get Amazon to fix this.) Be sure to check under all five brands when reviewing your MAP pricing. Also, if you have turned on automatic price matching on Amazon we strongly recommend that you turn it off for our items. This way, if another vendor selling an item you're selling slips out of compliance with MAP, you won't do the same.

Physical Storefront Pricing

SPI®’s MAP policy does not affect in-store retail pricing, in-store advertising, signage or any other promotional material that is not distributed outside the physical storefront. Our brick and mortar customers are free to sell our products at any price they choose in their physical stores, and SPI® is in no way attempting to regulate those transactions.


Prices Subject to Change Without Notice